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Description of projects

To break into these markets successfully, the technological and methodical conditions for competitive, industrialized production must be created. This is where Production4µ starts: Fraunhofer IPT is leading this integrated project that started in May, 2006, with a total budget of ‚ 15 million and is scheduled to last four years. In all, the European Union is supporting the project with a total of ‚ 9 million. The consortium consists of 20 leading European companies and research institutions.

The goal of Production4µ is to improve the competitive position of the European optics industry and its suppliers with respect to the Asian competition. To do this, the project partners are developing replicative processes for the reliable large-scale production of optical micro-components. At the end will be a fast market introduction of high-quality optical components at competitive costs.
The project integrates process technology, automation and handling, process chain planning, and quality management in three groups of subjects. In group A ("Reliable Manufacturing Technologies"), experts are working on a process chain for the molding of high-precision optical glass. Group B ("Automated Process Chain") is involved with automation and measurement systems for mass production of micro-components of glass and plastic. The goal of group C ("Production Planning, Launch and Quality Management") is to accelerate and flexibilize production planning using new methods and documentation of so-called Best Practices.

To validate the results, there will be different demonstrators such as aspherical glass lenses for mobile phone cameras, two-sided cylindrical lens arrays for medical devices, and laser applications and aspheric-diffractive optics. The mass production of such products is planned by the end of the project in 2010.

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